Haematoxylin-Eosin (H&E) Stain

This technique is used in histology laboratories on fixed and sectioned tissues. Fungal elements take up the stain and appear pink to pinkish blue colour (Fig. 2.5). However, the success of the staining is species depend as other take it up more readily than others. In order to ensure all fungal structures are seen in the sample H&E is usually combined with another stain, such as Periodic Acid-Schiff.

Figure 2.5 Tissue section stained by H&E showing numerous encapsulated yeast cells. C. neoformans was isolated. © Kaminski’s digital image library of medical mycology. (Courtesy Dr G. Hunter, Adelaide, S.A.)

Table 1.5 Advantages and disadvantages of H&E stain


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19 November 2021

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